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Do You Love Indie Games?
===>   ... we do!  <===

We're here to change the way crowdfunded development is done.

By working closely with developers BEFORE they come to Kickstarter, backers get more accurately planned and budgetted projects, and managed development with staged deliverables and clear visibilty of progress.

Developers are given our "seal of approval" which in turn makes the project much more attractive to backers.

If you're a BACKER

Backers commit their hard-earned money to funding a game. Developers Republic respects this vital contribution and believes that backer confidence is essential to the future of Indie gaming. To this end, we provide our developers with all the support they need to complete their developments as planned.
  • Early warning of up-coming projects, giving you best access to those "Super Early Bird" tiers.
  • Clearly defined game concepts.
  • Well designed and planned, accurately budgeted game developments.
  • Managed projects with clear milestones and regular progress reports.
  • Backer-developer communications.

If you're a DEVELOPER

Indie developers are talented and creative, working hard to make their dream a reality. Developers Republic supports this and wants to make every project a success! Bringing the Indie ethos to publishing we can help you at every stage of your development.
  • Branded Kickstarter campaigns with backer confidence.
  • Concept review.
  • Kick-starter campaign planning and management giving the best chance of funding.
  • Game design review, feedback and documentation.
  • Project scheduling and budgeting help.
  • Milestone definition and reporting.
  • Release planning and and promotion (PR).